What is Vascular Disease?

Acadiana Vascular Center is dedicated to the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Peripheral vascular diseases include a wide variety of conditions affecting the arteries and veins that comprise the vascular system. These conditions can be a result of the aging process, tobacco use, diet and/or hereditary factors. The effects of these diseases range from cosmetic nuisances to life-threatening situations.

What can I do about my Vascular Disease?

Because there are many vascular disease conditions and the effect of those conditions is unique in each patient, a plan for treatment must be individualized. Appropriate evaluation and education is the first step. Some conditions can be treated simply with lifestyle changes. Others require medication changes. More significant diseases may require procedural intervention to avoid future problems or alleviate a patient’s current symptoms.

Why is a Fellowship Trained Vascular Surgeon Important?

Physicians who have completed a fellowship in Vascular Surgery have an extensive knowledge of both open surgical and minimally invasive procedures. More importantly, they have a deep understanding of the diseases that affect the vascular system. With this knowledge and the ability to treat vascular disease in multiple ways, vascular surgeons are best positioned to treat your vascular disease in a way that is most appropriate for your specific case.